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Life is too short for screening chess puzzles aimlessly.
Slow progress is no fun. Don't stay stuck wandering how.
You were designed for more.

We don't just care about chess puzzles, we care about you. More than 50.000 online chess players. More than 1.5 million chess puzzles solved. More than 70 unique chess puzzles explained. More than 800 chess games illustrated.

How it works

  • LEARN how to play
  • TRAIN your chess skills
  • CHECK your progress against the computer
  • PLAY your friends
  • WIN your next tournament

Download the online app for free here and start to improve your chess today!

Chessimo is a free chess app that enables you to learn, practice and play this amazing board game. Whether you’re old or young, a chess pro or a beginner, whether you’re playing against the computer or with your friends – Chessimo is raising this board game to another level and teaches you unique tactics and strategy, online and for free.

Your advantages

  • Quick improvement thanks to a uniquely designed training schedule
  • Integrated synchronization across all of your devices (iOS, Android, Web)
  • A uniform app for smartphone and tablet
  • Brand-new, updated design and custom chess boards and sets
  • Improve your reasoning skills and learn to think ahead
  • Constant spaced repetition of chess patterns give you results that stick
  • Perfect your openings and endgame
  • Enhance your pattern recognition skills with this proven method
  • Multiple languages in one release and high quality updates
  • Learn how to play chess from the very beginning
  • Play chess online or offline and for free

Become a chess pro – move by move. Chessimo's unique in-app training software does not only enable chess players to improve their skills up to a level of 2400 ELO points, but also offers to find a challenge simply by playing the board game – whether against a dynamically adapting computer or human competition of your choice. Learn how to play first or jump straight into the advanced training modules of the app.

We offer four diverse functions


For those of you that are new to chess or if you just need a refresher, the rules of this wonderful game are all explained here. Learn how to play from the very beginning. Once you mastered the rules, have a look at the 101 chess tips which will give you an edge right away in your own games. Want to learn more? Get inspired by the many grand master games in our game database! Follow us on FaceBook and Instagram to receive daily tactical puzzles and weekly inspirational chess games played by grand masters of the highest level.


With more than 800 units containing over 6000 lessons, this innovative training app helps you practice the right moves at the right time in different phases of this board game. Developed and hand-picked by Brazilian GM Gilberto Milos, Chessimo TRAIN is based on the periodic repetition of exercises which mirror real in-game situations. Lessons are searchable by topics (tactics, strategies, endgame, openings) and skill level so that you will easily find the exact right lesson for you. Do you want to specifically practice openings, tactics, strategies or endgames? Or maybe you're new to this board game and want to learn how to play first? Chessimo TRAIN paves the way for you. The app let's you start at your current level and progress at your own pace.


Play against the computer and determine your current level by finding out about your own personal ELO rating. By dynamically adapting to your capabilities, our computer makes for a perfect sparring partner. Playing against Stockfish (one of the most powerful chess engines out there) will help you transform small improvements into victory. You want to gear-up for competitive games against human opponents? Practicing with Chessimo CHECK really will make your game perfect.

PLAY (The exclusive App Feature)

You can use Chessimo PLAY on your tablet or smartphone as a digital chess board to set up the game among your friends within seconds – any place, any time. The Chessimo PLAY app is always readily available to you. Learn how to play first in the help section.

The Chessimo concept

Since 2007, Chessimo® has had the goal of improving your chess skills. We have therefore developed an innovative training program that will quickly and significantly enhance your game performance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner wanting to learn how to play or a player at an advanced level. In cooperation with the Brazilian grandmaster Gilberto Milos Chessimo® has developed a set of exercises, recreating real game situations. These exercises are categorized by topics (tactics, end games, commented end games, strategies, and openings) and degree of difficulty. The continuous repetition of chess lessons of Chessimo® allows you to individually target your weaknesses and overcome them, in order to interactively and systematically enhance your game.

With Chessimo® you choose from over 6,000 topic-related exercises that recreate a variety of realistic game situations. Chessimo® provides support in choosing the best moves with the highest winning probabilities.

Chessimo® has divided the exercises into modules, so that your exercises are lined up in an ideal sequence while having a perfect overview of your progress. You will continuously boost your playing strength and have access to detailed statistics to view your success.

With Chessimo® every game will be fun and enjoyment and you will quickly become a professional: Our evaluations prove your success: Who goes through all stages of Chessimo training reaches and ELO of 2,000 points!

What do they say about us?

Professional chess players have discovered the advantages of interactive training a long time ago. Therefore, many chess instructors and coaches in chess clubs all over the world have been using Chessimo® as means of exercise. We are proud of our customers’ satisfaction which ranges far above average.

Tim Steiner, Owner of the Midwest Chess Academy states:

“Chessimo provides an efficient manner in which to learn skillsets through repetition. This is the only product that I know that focuses on repetition. This repetition will lead to retention and that retention should lead toward success.”

We develop along with you

In accordance with our goal, getting the best out of you, we continuously work on the service we provide.

You can already access Chessimo® in the browser edition from your computer, laptop, notebook, and tablet. In addition, we offer a free application for your android device, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Also, we have been improving the existing App. We will implement a synchronizing feature for you to link your Chessimo® account with the App and continue your progress on different gadgets in parallel.

Do you want to improve your chess?

Create a Chessimo® account today and make the first move to win your next chess tournament!