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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to play the exercises in a set sequence?

Technically no, you can start where you want. However we recommend playing the units from 1 to n since Chessimo's concept is based on repetition. You get more time per exercise in the first few units than you will in later units. This supports the efficiency and success of your training.

Can several users train with Chessimo on my iPad? Will my status prevail or will it be overwritten when someone else uses Chessimo on my iPad?

Several users can be created on one iPad, and they can train and play independently. Only the AppStore/iTunes account will be registered individually to one iPad. But this also means that if one user has acquired the full version all users can train and play with it.

If I use the iPad as a chess board to play against a friend, will a checkmate position be displayed?

Yes, Chessimo checks all moves of conformity to the rules and recognizes checkmate positions.

Do I stand a chance when playing against Crafty? Some chess computers are so good that beginners can hardly win against them?

But sure you do: Crafty will adjust to your playing ability, beginning with a relatively low ELO of 600.

Is there a pre-defined time span in which all exercises have to be solved?

There is no such time span by default, but you can define a final date in the settings. The progress monitor will then display whether you are in line or out of line with your planning.

How do I retain an overview of so many exercises?

All exercises you have solved bear a check mark. If you have solved a unit completely it will be marked blue. This gives you a detailed overview of your training’s progress at all times. If you solve all exercises within Chessimo´s logic the “Continue” button will take you directly to the next exercise.

How long will it take me to reach an ELO of 2300 for example?

This depends on the intensity of your training. There are Chessimo customers who have increased their ELO by 500 points within three months, thus progressing from a midfield ranking to a top position in their chess clubs. Practice makes perfect – that especially is valid for chess.

Is Chessimo suitable for children?

While Chessimo hasn’t been developed specifically for children’s needs our customer feedback shows us that is very popular among children, too.

What is so special about Chessimo?

Your individual playing ability depends on your visual memory to a high degree. In any game situation there is one move that leads to victory. Knowing and remembering it is the key to success.
For this reason Chessimo emphasizes training the visual memory by repeating intelligent sequences repeatedly. This is how you improve your playing ability quickly.

Has Chessimo been developed exclusively for the iPad?

No, Chessimo has been available as a Windows download version for more than five years and several thousand copies have been sold worldwide.

Can I load additional chess boards and pieces?

The choice will be expanded. At the time an import or purchase of boards and pieces is not supported, but if you’ve seen cool boards or pieces that you would like to seen within Chessimo let us know through our support and we’ll try to include them with the next update.

Are the 101 game tips part of the exercises?

Yes, they are included with the units and will be performed one after another.

Does Chessimo save my game score and current situation when I interrupt the game?

Yes. The score is being saved and pressing “Continue” let’s you resume the game with its current score.

Can I play multiple games in parallel in Play modus?

No, you can only ever play one game against one opponent at a time.

Where can I get the installation file of Windows Chessimo?

We provide the following download link to the installation file of Chessimo-Windows.

Can I use the iPad app on my iPhone/iPod touch?

Both apps have been developed specifically for the respective devices and are therefore sold separately.

If I use both the iPad and the iPhone/iPod Touch app, will my training status be synchronized?

At the moment you are practicing separately with each app, but we are working on that feature.