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Even more fun with the new ChessimoPlay

ChessimoPlay Design
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 18.02.2015 - 12:23

From today on facebook ChessimoPlay offers you more possibilities and gaming fun than ever! During the last few weeks we developed numerous   new functions   like  Quickplay  and improvements like usability  from every mobile device for you. 
Visit us on facebook today and try unlimited chess fun for free!
With ChessimoPlay you have the opportunity to try out your newly acquired knowledge and training results directly where it counts: in the game.
Become part of a daily growing community and gain from it!
Take advantage of the opportunity to further improve your chess by playing individual lots or taking part in tournaments with your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whether at home or on the road: monitor your progress through your clear statistics.
Use the knowledge of other chess enthusiasts, connect,   interchange  , and  make  friends with   people who share your passion.
Invite other players deliberately or by coincidence to a game of    correspondence chess    (over a selected day period) or to a   real    time  match with  our brand new function QuickPlay . 
Respond to personal and public invitations by accepting the challenge.
During your running games you can make   private    notes , chat with  your opponent or issue public comme nts.
Get a direct  feedback  note from Chessimo for your  opening.
For your success you get rewarded by Chessimo with badges that are admired by the community in your ChessimoPlay profile.
Don’t hesitate and start today to choose your desire opponents from thousands of   public    match  and tournament invita tions or search for specific interesting opponents by filter functi ons. Also invite your Facebook friends to take on you and get rewarded for it with 10 coins!
Here we go! Compete
• whenever you want
• wherever you want
in the virtual duel with already over 90,000 other ChessimoPlay members.