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What happened here?!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 27.09.2014 - 21:04

What happened here?!
The new Design is online now. We proudly present our new Chessimo Online Website. For you we created a fresh new design that makes practicing with our program even more target-oriented and easier to overlook.

Where's the community?
To give you the opportunity of completely focusing on improving your playing strength without being sidetracked, we moved the Community to the Chessimo Facebook Fanpage. You will be able to effectively improve your skills with our unique concept of repetition and save time while doing so. Afterwards you can show off your new abilities by entering ChessimoPlay at the Facebooksite. If you feel like exchanging experiences with fellow Chessimo Community members, playing against friends or other opponents online, or networking with other chess enthusiasts, you can easily become a follower of the Chessimo Facebook Community and enjoy conversations, interactions, entertainment and games.

What happens next?
The new design is only the first step. Over the last months the Chessimo team worked at full speed on different topics. Soon we can offer you

  • Enhanced technology
  • A new application for iOS gadgets
  • An application for Android gadgets
  • An even smarter virtual opponent
  • The opportunity to synchronize your gadgets

Do you need help?
Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Do you need some help with handling the new Website?Take a look over here, you might already find what you're looking for. Our Chessimo Support Team is available via E-Mail and will work on your matter quickly and reliable.
Have a lot of fun with your training on the new Chessimo Onlie Website!